Padas River Rafting (Grade III – IV)

Level up on the adrenaline meter with the Grade 3 and 4 Padas White water rafting. the 9KM thrill ride boasts 7 exciting and challenging rapids from Grade 3 to Grade 4, on rainy seasons it could even go up to Class 5, ferocious indeed. The Padas White Water Rafting journey will be one to definitely remember as you will board an old diesel train from Beaufort to Pangi where the train stops in the middle of nowhere to get off. Yup, the excitement literally starts way before you get into the water. Hop on the train and indulge in a 1 ½ hour scenic train-ride through lush-greenery, villages, rivers.. the authentic feels of the country-side and all that jazz. The rafting activity takes about 1 ½ hours to 2 hours depending on rapids and river condition, a water raft captain will also be in the raft at all times to give paddle instructions and makes sure of safety measures. Don’t miss amazing sights of the tropical rainforest while you’re cruising through. The
per person
12 Hours
1 Person